Patriotic Elk Foundation

Patriotic Elk Foundation

A "Miracle on the Hill" in 2016 has inspired Americans to wear and display their Patriotic Pride in an exciting new way and raise much needed funds for those who have served us all!

Every great product starts with an inspiration. In the case of the “Patriotic Elk”, an inspirational 67 year old Tonto Apache woman named Jeri DeCola. One of a few full blooded Tonto Apache Native Americans, Jeri, along with her disabled Korean Veteran husband JJ, have built an amazing life for themselves. Their story would make a great American novel and Academy award winning film that could easily give “Dances with Wolves” a run for its money. It’s easy to imagine them flying home from the awards ceremony, and casually placing their “Oscar” on the shelf next to a picture of their cat Kona. In the morning, Jeri heads back to work as Chairperson of the Tonto Apache Reservation and JJ starts another busy day by making sure their family of Elk have enough water to drink.

The seeds of Tonto Brands LLC and the Patriotic Elk , were sown a long time ago. An unwavering faith in God, hard work, and a genuine respect for all people and the earth we all share has always guided Jeri and JJ. Proudly serving their “Taste of History” Jeri J’s Indian frybread out of a classic old school bus on the reservation for many years, they also have a new product planned to launch in Spring 2018 that will have an enormous positive environmental impact for America. But what happened on Dec. 23rd, 2016, was as unplanned as much as it was a once in a lifetime miracle moment. One female elk on a tiny Native American reservation in Payson AZ did something that should inspire all Americans, especially now, to reflect on what really unites us all.

After all, she was staring right at it, naturally!

Helping Military Families

“Because a Family’s Love is Good Medicine”

Fisher Houses provide military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.

86 Fisher Houses on 24 Military Installations and 29 VA Medical Centers.

Rekindle the Spirit of Patriotism

Bring your Patriotic Elk home today and help support our brave veterans and conservation organizations who do such amazing work.