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Photography by: Elise Killian Pitterle, Loraine K Studios

Patriotic Elk
1881 Trading Post
Series One
Limited Edition


 500 Total Limited Edition Prints available- LE – 450 – Artist Proof – AP -50
*Showcases the Original Patriotic Elk photo taken by Jeri DeCola on Dec. 23rd, 2016 at her home on the Tonto Apache Reservation in Payson, AZ.
*20” x 30” Custom Framed Print
*Custom Framed using Extremely Rare Historical Wood sourced from the Original 1881 Trading Post property in Pine AZ.
*Hand Signed by Jeri and JJ DeCola
*Custom Engraved ID plate with Series ID number on the frame front.
*Custom Spray Mounted ID Doc Signed/Dated by Jeri DeCola with Series ID number  on print back.
*Certificate of Authenticity Signed/Dated by Jeri DeCola with Print Series ID Number.
*Picture frame glazing features Acrylite (copyright symbol) Framing Grade FF3
*Exclusive 1881 Trading Post Booklet